Vespa 150cc

Vespa 150cc

Vespa 200cc

Vespa 200cc

Vespa 250cc

Vespa 250cc


Hop on one of our Vespas and tour the Maui coastline with the sun on your toes and the wind at your back! Even a convertible doesn’t compare to riding the coast of Maui on two wheels! With the stunning ocean on one side and volcanic mountain range on the other, the panoramic views on a scooter are unbeatable.

Vespas are simply the easiest, and classiest, way to hop from beach to beach on Maui’s west side. And we have a lot of the world’s best beaches for you to explore 🙂

They are also the best way to enjoy the north coast of Maui, a special part of the island often forgotten and replaced by the standard “Road to Hana”. Create your own vacation triathlon combining your ride with top snorkeling and hiking spots for the day… or just cruise, cruise, cruise.

Whatever your desire, let us rent you your dream on Maui!


Nothing says “Island Touring” better than the Classic Vespa from Italy. We are West Maui’s exclusive scooter shop with Vespa rentals. Vespas are amazing for touring the island. They are quieter than regular big-bore touring bikes, so you and you passenger can have a pleasant conversation while riding! They are super-easy to park just about anywhere and light enough to maneuver around obstacles and  tight spaces.

Vespas operate under Hawaii motorcycle laws can seat two riders. We have 150cc, 200cc and 250cc Vespa models for rent.

So grab a Vespa and do some serious beach hopping or joy riding along our beautiful coastline.


We offer the BEST quality and the ONLY selection of Vespa rentals on Maui’s west side!

Motoroshi Maui is conveniently located in downtown Lahaina, on Lahainaluna Road, directly off Front Street right next to Lahaina Grill restaurant. We can be found at Cafe Cafe, so you can Taste The Difference with a 100% Maui coffee drink before you head out in the morning and treat yourself to a refreshing 100% fruit smoothie when you return.

We also offer picnic lunches in coolers, and beach mats, so there’s nothing holding you back from exploring the best of Maui all day long.

We have the most convenient location and hours for scooter rentals in town, 7 am – 4pm, 7 days a week!


As amazing as it may be to ride two wheels on Maui, and we wish EVERYONE could do it – we also want to be responsible and help keep Maui, its residents and its visitors safe.

That’s why we rent only to riders that have the experience and knowledge to stay safe while exploring Maui on two wheels and joined Keep Maui Safe! campaign in 2017.

In short, Keep Maui Safe! is a volunteer program to help motorcycle and moped riders stay safe on the road and keep others safe in the process. It begins with a strict policy of renting only to riders over the age of 21 and in possession of a valid motorcycle license.

Although Hawaii law allows anyone with aClass 1 Driver’s License to operate a moped (49cc and under), permits to ride mopeds can be obtained at 15-1/2 years of age. With that in mind, we have discontinued renting single-rider mopeds 49cc and under. We believe that accident statistics on Maui prove that renting a moped or scooter should require stricter requirements. That’s why we support Keep Maui Safe! in our rental practice.


We encourage reservations online, and HIGHLY RECOMMEND at least a week or two in advance. The earlier, the better. Reservation requests less than 48 hours in advance are extremely risky – because people LOVE Vespas and they rent out quickly 🙁

You can also try our electric bike rentals with a 1/2 day, full day, or for a whole week. We love it when we hear “I’m coming back later this week to do this again!”, so be prepared to fall in love with biking around Lahaina!

We can’t wait to share our riding experience and island knowledge with you!

Team Motoroshi


Hours of operation :

7 am – 4 pm, 7 days a week, always served with Aloha!

Location :

Easy one block walk from Lahaina Harbor…

Lahaina 129 Lahainaluna Road, Lahaina HI 96761
Just off Front Street near Cheeseburger in Paradise – next to Lahaina Grill